The Mid-Autumn Mooncake Gambling was successfully held

On the afternoon of September 19th, all stuff of our company gathered in Xiamen took part in the annual Mooncake Gambling.

At 17:00, the Mooncake Gambling formally kicked off. All the participants were eager to try, and hoped that they would be the luckiest person today. The whole event was lively and lively. The voices of scorpion, cheers and blessings were combined, and the prizes were picked up in a lively atmosphere. Finally,only the champion was left, After several rounds of competition, the final champion was won by manager Zhang Chuncheng.

“Mooncake Gambling” is a traditional Mid-Autumn Festival folklore activity in south fujian,it’s very popular,Participants throw six dice in the big bowl in turn, they decide different prizes according to different combinations of points.

Not only do people believe that champion pick can get fortune of whole year, but also believe that they will share this good fortune with friends and family,hope that everyone will reunite in the Mid-Autumn Festival next year.